A Lawn Mowing Trick to Upgrade Landscaping

Give your lawn the pro treatment with a checkerboard pattern. If you’re trying to sell your home, taking the time to mow the lawn twice in a checkerboard pattern can make the landscape stand out. You’ll often spot the checkerboard or stripe pattern on baseball and athletic fields. But how can you do it yourself? […]

Barn Doors Are a Stylish Space-Saver

The sliding barn door can be a statement piece and open up precious floor space when rooms are tight. Making the space for a swinging door moot, you also can give the barn door a trendy hue, such as blue or green, to make it a focal point in your décor. Read More at https://www.nar.realtor/blogs/styled-staged-sold/barn-doors-are-a-stylish-space-saver

Home Sweet Pool – the Importance of Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

Summer is here and perhaps due to the pandemic and working at home this year, the hotline is getting many more swimming pool calls. Use SCR310 DUE DILIGENCE because the buyer can inspect and either negotiate pool repairs or terminate by paying the seller the due diligence termination fee in a timely and proper manner. […]

Pools and Spas During COVID-19

The hotline is getting an above-average number of swimming pool and spa inquiries. Perhaps with COVID-19 impacting travel, water activities areas, and people desiring a swimming pool or spa while sheltering at home, more members are contacting the hotline about pools/spas issues. Some potential ideas for listing brokerages and buyer rep brokerages to reduce risks […]

Summerizing Your Home By Checking the Window Seals

It’s important to inspect your home. Check the seals on your windows to make sure you’re not losing the valuable cool air. By checking and replacing the window strips in your home, you’ll be sure that you can assure that you’re cooling your own home and not those in the whole neighborhood.