Housing Affordability Slips in June 2020 as Median Family Income Falls

At the national level, housing affordability showed signs of improvement in June 2020 compared to a year ago but fell compared to May, according to NAR’s Housing Affordability Index. Affordability worsened in June compared to May as the median family income slightly declined by 1% while the median home prices rose by 4%. Compared to […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June South Carolina housing market busy for buyers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sharon Stone 803-772-5206 June South Carolina housing market busy for buyers COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 15, 2020) — South Carolina REALTORS® (SCR) today released its June 2020 market data. While the statewide reports reflect continued constrained seller activity, buyers are increasingly active. “During the shut downs across the country and in South […]

Price-to-Rent Ratios by State from 2014-2019

The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact businesses, workers, and people’s major and everyday decisions and way of life. One important decision is where people will be living and moving to, given the opportunity to work from home and the resurgence of the coronavirus and other health epidemics in the future. In considering where to move, […]